Introduction: 3 Things to Make With Bottle Caps (Easy)

Hello guys and welcome back to our another instructable.

Today we promise you that you will be able to make 3 easy things with bottle caps that can be pretty and memorable gifts.

So let's start making them.

Step 1: Watch the Video...

Full instructional Video : [Play Video]

Step 2: Bottle Cap Badges : Materials Required

First we are going to make bottle cap badges.

To make them we need-

  • Bottle caps ( of course, as the name suggests)
  • A small safety pin
  • Some Paint
  • Some tape or Super glue

So let's start making these cool and adorable badges.

Step 3: Bottle Cap Badges : Painting the Caps

First of all take the bottle caps and paint them to any desired theme or thing you want as we did it to the heart and peace symbol.

Let your imagination fly and make them cool.

Step 4: Bottle Cap Badges : Attaching the Pin

Attach the safety pin to the back of the caps with the help of sticky tape or super glue.

Step 5: Bottle Cap Badges : Completed

Now your cool badges are ready.

Just pin up them to your jersey or tee and flaunt them up.

Step 6: Bottle Cap Fridge Magnets : Materials Required

Secondly we are going to make some cute Bottle Cap Fridge Magnets...

So the materials required are :-

  • Some Bottle Caps
  • Some Paint
  • A small Magnet

So, let's get started...

Step 7: Bottle Cap Fridge Magnets : Painting the Caps

As we said in painting the caps in making the badges, let them be cool and your imagination fly.

Paint them with acrylic colors and you can also apply a coat of varnish on them to finish them up.

Step 8: Bottle Cap Fridge Magnets : Attaching the Magnet

Now just take your dried colorful caps and place the magnet behind each of them...

Usage of super glue for attaching is optional...

Step 9: Bottle Cap Fridge Magnets : Completed

Now your cool fridge magnets are ready.
Just put up them to your fridge or cabinet and enjoy their beauty...

Step 10: Bottle Caps Key-Ring : Materials Required

Now we are going to make a Bottle Caps Key-Ring...

So the materials required for it are...

  • Some Bottle Caps
  • A Small Key-Chain
  • A Glue Gun

So let's start making this...

Step 11: Bottle Caps Key-Ring : Attaching the Caps to the Key-chain

Just put the bottle caps around the key-chain and glue them with the glue gun as shown in the images...

Wait for it to dry...and then add some more glue for additional strength...

Step 12: Bottle Caps Key-Ring : Completed

You have just made a small and cute key-ring for your keys...

Step 13: Fun Facts About Bootle Caps

Fact 1:

How many teeth or bends does a metal cap have?
A generic metal crown cork cap has 21-teeth or bends.

Fact 2 :

Who invented Bottle caps?
Bottle caps, or “crowns,” were invented in Baltimore in 1892 by William Painter.

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Be Safe, Enjoy, Happy DIYing and a Happy New Year.

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