3 Tiered Toy Cardboard Parking Garage

Introduction: 3 Tiered Toy Cardboard Parking Garage

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If you wanted a toy parking garage but didn't have the means to get it then this is perfect!

This was really easy to make.

This is my first time writing an Instructable, So please bear with me.

Step 1: What You Will Need

1: A Hot Glue Gun

2: A Knife

3: Something Straight (I used a level)

4: A Measuring Tape

5: A Sharpie

6: A Car for size

Step 2: Cutting Your Cardboard

I cut my bottom base at 12 x 16 1/2 in.

My second base was 10 x 14 1/2 in.

And the third is 8 x 12 1/2 in.

Note: Make sure you sides are fairly straight.

Step 3: Making the Supports

1: Cut the length that you want for the Height of between the bases.

2: Mark where the supports will be. Make sure you can fit two cars around the supports. (It should look like the 3rd picture.)

3: Hot glue the supports to where you have marked.

4: I put something fairly heavy on the top to make sure the glue would stick.

Step 4: Making the Next Layer

1: Cut your supports.

2: Mark as before.

3: Hot glue the supports on.

Step 5: Making the Ramps

1: Cut the hole for the ramp to go in. (Make sure the car(s) you are using fit through the hole.)

2: Cut the ramp out. (Make sure 2 cars can fit side-by-side on the ramp.)

3: Do the same for the other layer.

Step 6: Making the Guardrails

1: Cut the length or width of the base.

2: Hot glue the guardrail onto the base. You could, to get more room, glue the guardrail onto the side of the base.

3: Leave enough room at the bottom base for the cars to get on as in the last picture.

Step 7: Drawing Your Lines.

1: Draw your lines with enough space for your car to drive around.

2: Draw your parking space lines with enough room for your car to fit in it. Make sure you have enough room for the length of your car.

3: Don't forget to draw arrows so you know which way the cars are supposed to go.

Step 8: Finished!!!!

Well done! You're done.

Unless you want to add more supports and another ramp to be able to park more cars. If you decide to do that make sure all the supports are equal length if the aren't the whole garage will be really wobbly.

Hope you enjoy it!


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