3 Useful Pandemic 3D Prints

Introduction: 3 Useful Pandemic 3D Prints

Here are three 3D Prints you might need during this pandemic.

Step 1: Adjustable Ear Guards

So it is basically an ear guard which you probably saw before, but I
decided to make it like more adjustable, not sure if you might need it but it works and can be used for any head size.

It is important to print the gears with a 100% fill and as precise as possible.


Step 2: Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Door Opener & Stylus

I saw this product on Kickstarter:


and thought, why don't you 3D Print it.

If you are scared of touching the handles and other objects because of germs they have, then this tool is for you. The tool on Kickstarter is made of Brass and brass doesn't attract germs, that is why their campaign is much more useful, but if you 3D Print it, it is better that nothing.

The size is exactly the same as a credit card and the thickness is 3mm so you probably will not feel in your pocket. It is rigid enough to open doors with this tool.


Step 3: Transparent Protective Face Shield

3D printed protective face mask.
The frame is fully 3D printed and you will only need a plastic sheet to attach to it. There are hooks, where the sheet goes however some glue or tape will definitely help.

It is important to print the hear with the 100% fill and a maximum precision available.


Step 4: A Demo of All Three Items

Time Frames:

0:00 - Intro

0:20 - Ear Guards

0:46 - Ear Guards Assembly

1:34 - Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Door Opener & Stylus

2:13 - Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Door Opener & Stylus Demonstration

2:28 - Protective Face Shield

2:36 - Protective Face Shield Assembly

4:19 - Thanks and Outro

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