3 Uses for a Toilet Paper Roll




Introduction: 3 Uses for a Toilet Paper Roll

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Step 1:

For your bracelets!

Step 2:

for growing plants in. ( cut toilet paper roll into 3 pieces, stick in dirt, plant something in the middle of roll( maybe chive or rosemary). Helps shape, grow, and protect your plant. Yes! It is biodegradable!

Step 3:

For keeping cords untangled and stored properly.

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    6 years ago

    I use these for my hedgehogs, lol


    6 years ago

    These are 3 of my best ways to reuse a toilet paper roll. As shown in one of my pics, I have used a roll to put my rainbow loom bracelets on. I've seen a similar product on tv for $20, only it was a plastic tube on a stand. Toilet paper rolls do the trick just fine, and are technically free!