3 Ways to Keep Decals on Your Toys From Any Damage

Introduction: 3 Ways to Keep Decals on Your Toys From Any Damage

Have you had a toy that within minutes the stickers start peel off? Well that can be frustrating for anyone. Time to fix up things till its all good as new.

Step 1: 1 Put Clear Tape Over the Decal

For example on this Buzz Lightyear his arm decals are peeling off from use of play. Take a small piece of clear tape and place it over the decal. Press on it and spread very carefully till the sticker is visible. Then your done!

Step 2: 2 to Stop Sunlight Damage

Just put clear packing tape over it. This happens a lot with lego decals if you leave out any lego sets with decals for display.

Step 3: 3 Re Glue Them Back on (Best Option)

Use any kind of glue that is good with decals such as fabric glue.

Step 4: Now You Know What to Do to Save Your Stickers From Peeling Off Your Children's Toys

Now present your toy back to your child and watch the smile light up on his face.

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