3 Ways to Wrap Potted Plants



Introduction: 3 Ways to Wrap Potted Plants

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If you need to give a gift to someone, and all you can think of is another box of chocolates, or cookies, this could be your answer.

These are the perfect gifts for a hostess, teacher or someone that loves cooking (yes, even men will like this present). Everything tastes better with fresh ingredients, and fresh herbs can be used in so many ways.

But unlike other presents, there's not a box you just buy. You'll have to get creative with the wrapping.

Here I'll teach you three ways to wrap a potted plant to make this present extra special.

Step 1: Inside a Basket


A terracota pot

A basket



If you are feeling fancy, you can change the plastic pot for a terracota pot, then put one or two potted plants on a basket.

Write in a tag the name of the plant and stick it into a skewer. Insert the skewers in each pot.

Step 2: Wrapped With Paper


Scrapbook paper



The standard scrapbook page (12 x 12 in) is the perfect size for a standard pot, and is sturdy enough to make it look

Lay the scrapbook paper on a flat surface, facing down. Then put at the centre the pot. bring the coners up, then fold the paper so that it takes the shape of the pot.

Wrap the ribbon with the tag.

Step 3: Inside a Paper Bag

A kraft paper bag



Open the paper bag. Roll it up. Until you get the desired height.

Put the potted plant inside the paper bag.

Attach the tag to the ribbon. Tie the ribbon.

Finally tie the ribbon around the paper bag.

It´s amazing how good it looks, and it´s just a paper bag!

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