Introduction: 3-d Printed Christmas Tree

this is how to make a Christmas tree!

Step 1: Step #1 Make Your Shapes!

I used Tinkercad to make my 3-D printed Christmas tree.

First, you need to make your shapes I used 3 triangles 1 star and 1 square to complete my tree.

Make sure that your triangles are not all the same size since a Christmas tree gets smaller towards the top.

My tree is small depending on how big you want it make it to the size you want.

The large triangle is 28 by 24

The medium triangle is 24 by 21

The small triangle is 20 by 20

After your done you need to make the trunk of the tree so just get a square and shrink it to the size 12.73 by 13.46

You are obviously going to need a star on top of your tree so get a star and its going to look like the picture on the top but you can make the star how ever you want but make sure that your star is

Step 2: Step 2: Putting Your Tree Together!

After you are done making your shapes you have to put it together make sure that the biggest triangle is on the bottom and then you go from biggest to smallest and add your star.

then you'll be done and it should look good!