Introduction: 3-ingredient Spinach Recipes

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As a supertaster, I have a hard time finding vegetables that aren't bitter and end up sticking to old reliables. Spinach has been my favorite and luckily it's rich in nutrients.
Like most people, I eat with my eyes, so I try to make my meals colorful (these recipes all play on the colors of the Italian flag, part of my heritage). I hope you find these cheap, quick, easy recipes helpful!

Step 1: Feta Watermelon Salad

This is such a fast, easy salad and is one of the only ways I will eat raw vegetables.

Publix Organic Baby Spinach
Publix Watermelon Chunks
Publix Feta

1. Fill your bowl halfway with washed baby spinach.
2. Fill the rest of the bowl with juicy, red watermelon chunks.
3. Sprinkle the feta and enjoy!
4. If you want some extra flavor, balsamic vinegar makes a great dressing!

Step 2: Mushroom Stir Fry Appetizer

When I want some protein, but without the calories, I make this fast hot appetizer.

Publix gourmet mushroom blend (oyster, shiitake, portobello)
Village Farms' Heavenly Villagio Marzano tomatoes
Publix baby spinach

1. Coat a frying pan with extra virgin olive oil and out on medium-high heat on stovetop.
2. Throw in your mushrooms and let one side fry until golden brown.
3. While the mushrooms are cooking, slice your tomatoes in half and add them to the pan.
(Be careful to wear an apron, some seeds could shoot out in the heat.)
4. Using tongs, flip over the mushrooms, and let them cook.
5. Flip over the tomatoes.
6. Add the spinach and let it absorb the oil and heat up but be careful not to overcook.
7. Plate and enjoy!

Step 3: Pasta Entrees

If I'm particularly hungry and have more time to cook, I make a spinach/tomato entree with either orzo or couscous because the textures of the grains blend well with the juicy tomatoes and wilted spinach.

Rice Select Tri-Color Orzo
Rice Select Pearl Couscous
One Sweet Tomato bin
Publix Baby Spinach

1. Cook the grain as directed on the packaging.
2. Add tomato halves and spinach at the end of cooking.
3. Plate and enjoy!

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