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Introduction: 3 Pocket Paper Wallet

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this is an instructable to make a wallet with three pockets. Pictured above is my own personal Wallet, empty like most wallets.I have reinforced it with electrical tape, but it will hold pretty well for a little while with regular tape.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

2 pieces of paper, can be the same or different colors.



That's it! You also need obvious stuff like a working surface and hands, but I figure you know you'll need all that.

Step 2: All the Basic Folding.

First you are going to fold your paper in half like a birth day card.

Next you are going to unfold that and do what I call the wardrobe fold. You are going to fold both the outer edges into the center.

then you are going to fold those two together, and then fold that in half. This is the basic wallet shape.

Finally you are going to unfold all this.

Step 3: All the Little Tricky Bits.

once you have all that unfolded, you are going to draw lines like the ones I have shown, and cut along them

if you number the flaps starting at the part you cut out, they'd go 1234.
Fold flaps 2 and four.

go to the small line you cut out and take just that part together.

Now repeat the last page of steps and fold the paper back into the wallet state.

Step 4: Repeat!

Do all that again, and now you should have two identical pieces.

Step 5: Now the Tough Part.

Place the wallets one on top of the other. make sure the credit card slots are both facing inward.

so here is the very tricky bit. It is pretty easy to figure out.

for the first part, tuck the innermost flap into the innermost pocket.

Now fold the innermost flap on the side with two into the next flap.

Fold the flap closest to the inside of the wallet into the pocket of the other side.

lastly, fold the outermost flap into the innermost pocket. I fixed this in place by adding tape.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Find the bottom where both sides open up, and apply tape.

Tour wallet is now done!

Step 7: Decorate

I added Electrical tape to my wallet for not only structural integrity, but some cool decoration. You could also use lots of different tapes, and maybe add some glitter or stickers. this wallet has 3 pockets, and four card slots. you could always put the card slots on the outside by only having two, but I think they work fine on the inside.

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    Thank you, i really thought it looked cool too!