Introduction: 3 Way Lap Joint Stool!!!

This is a pretty tricky little project but super fun!

Step 1: Choose Your Material

for my stool I choose walnut but you could use what ever you want, even a couple different species. It needs to be at least 1 1/2" thick, 6" wide and about 4 and a half feet long. then you casn lay out and cut three sections. one for the legs(14"), one for the stretchers that make up the lap joint (10") and the top. (14")

Step 2: Rip Stretchers and Legs and Glue to Gather the Top

You can then rip 3 legs and 3 stretchers to 1 1/2" and glue up the two top pieces together.

Step 3: Cut the Lap Joint

take the first piece and using a table saw sled and a 30 degree/60degree fence, cut the first dado 1/2" deep. place the dado onto the the second piece and mark for the second dado. This one will be 1" deep. remove the angle fence from the sled and cut a dado through the first two stretchers together at 1/2" deep (see video). finally place the third piece in the dado and trace it out. cut out what you can with the table saw and finish with a chesil.

Step 4: Cut Stretchers to Length

Use a compase to make your desired circle, then cut the stretchers on the line at the desired stretcher sprawl.

Step 5: Cut Out the Top

You can then cut out the top using a band saw. I used a round over bit in the router to ease the top edge.

Step 6: Fasten and Glue

I then glued the lap joint together, cut the sprawl angle on the top and bottom of the legs,screwed the legs to the stretchers (covers with plugs) and screw the top to the legs (covered with plugs).

Step 7: Spay on Your Choice of Finish

I used spay liqueur but you can use what ever you want.