30 06 Tie Rack

Introduction: 30 06 Tie Rack

I decided to find a use for all the spent ammo I have, and after this project, I still have more.

Step 1: Why Its Needed and Materials

I have a lot of ties hanging on hangers so i needed somewhere to hang them.


  • Wood Strips - 2in X 1in or 2in X 2in or a wall that you can drill holes in. Length 30 in or any size you need.
  • Spent Ammo - 30 06, 308, 300, 270 or and long casing that can hold ties or anything you want to hang
  • Screws to attach to wall
  • Spray paint (optional).
  • hot glue gun

Step 2: Putting It Together.

Drill holes 1.25 inches from each other about 3/4 inch deep. Leave 2 inches on each end for attaching to the wall.

Drill the holes slightly larger that the caliber you are using. Spray paint if desired. I used gold paint because i had that color.

Fill 3 - 4 holes at a time with hot glue before attaching the casing.

Step 3: Hanging Them Up.

Hang it on a door or wall with the screws at a comfortable level and then hang the ties.

You can also hang other times by spreading the holes apart, but you may need to reinforce the casings if you plan to hang anything heavier that ties.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice!

    One of those shots of the finished tie rack from the last step would make a great main image for the intro. Just a tip! :)

    Wow, yeah, this is great! I agree with seamster, one of the last pictures should be the main image so people know what they are looking at!