Introduction: 30 Cent 30 Second 0 Weight Mini-Maglight Handlebar Mount

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I have found so many cool things on here and have made alot of stuff myself, so I thought I would start sharing a few of my contraptions.

The Stuff:

2 O-rings
1 Zip Strip
1 Mini Maglight

I got a 10 pack of Garden Hose Washers at Wally World for less than $2. Five of them were these round O-ring style washers. They suck in the garden hose but work great as a Maglight mount. I only had white Zip Strips in this size, need to get a black one so it will look cleaner. The Maglight has the LED conversion kit with a push button on/off switch in the butt cap.

The Tools:

A pair of scissors or a knife

The Instructable:

Run the Zip Strip through the 2 O-rings and around the handlebar, pull Zip Strips snug but not tight. Angle the 2 O-rings at 45 degrees each direction from the top of handlebar (see last picture). Pull the Zip Strip tight and cut the end. Slide the Mini Mag butt first through the O-rings from front to back. O-rings hold tight to the textured grip of the Maglight. Maglight can be slid right out again to use as a flash light.

Points :

The Maglight rides on top of the Zip Strip so it does not come in contact with the handlebar. It stays in place with no movement, vibration or noise. I think it looks pretty cool and clean (will look better with the black Zip), and weighs next to nothing. If you have not converted your Mini Mag to LED, do it! It is alot brighter and easier on batteries.

If you make one yourself, let me know what you think, over & out!