30 Days of Night Quick and Easy...

Introduction: 30 Days of Night Quick and Easy...

I didn't have alot of cash this Halloween, so I used stuff from previous costumes to throw together this fiendish Vampire breed!

What you'll need:
1 pair of black-out lenses
(I got mine from 9mm effects-their stuff is awesome, check them out!)
One pair of teeth from Dental Distortions - which you need to pre fit.
(again...awesome stuff!)
2 bottles of gell blood from your halloween retailer store
white pancake makeup
white setting powder (you can use baby powder)
brown or black eyebrow pencil
Various makeup brushes you can use for costuming

For the costume:
1 pair of white knitted gloves with the fingers cut off
1 old white shirt you can sacrifice to the project
1 bottle each of red, burgundy and black acrylic paint
1 1" paintbrush
1 bottle of blood
1 black coat
1 set of halloween press on black claw nails

I took an old white cotton shirt, buttoned it up except for the top 2 buttons and slathered different shades of red and burgundy paint ALL down the front of the shirt - they are after all, Messy eaters! Let that dry.
While the shirt dries (I did it outside on a clothes line), cut the fingers off the gloves and stain them up with some strong tea and let them dry. The next day I used a "Bottle of Blood" to stain them further.
The shirt can be further stained with some of the bottled blood, but make sure all this dries well in advance of your costume - I had 2 days.
Fit and trim the cheap halloween nails to fit your nails so that you can apply them quickly.

The Makeup:
First, if your a guy, SHAVE your face; this stuff gets pretty rubbery when worn awhile.
Wash hands thoroughly when putting anything in your eye - a whisker could have you preying for death under these huge contacts!

2nd - I decided to put in my contacts - I didn't want to get contact solution running down my face ruining the makeup.

3rd - I put on an undershirt and the bloody shirt on (it will come in handy in a minute...)

4th - I covered the top half of my face with white pancake makeup, leaving the midline jagged and uneven. Then I penciled in my eyebrows where the pancake covered them a little. I also worked it into my scalp line a bit...blend your lines. Powder liberally and let set for a moment - then carefully brush off with a makeup brush used for that..

5th - Warm the gell blood to liquify it somewhat. Don't overheat or it will run right off your face and the bathroom will look like a kill room ala Dexter. Slowly add layers of gell blood to the lower half of your face and if it drips...it gets on the shirt...oh well (see!)

If you do this step right, you may have dangley bits hanging down...if your careful, you can leave them for effect!

Now...put on your gloves, teeth and your coat. Load up coat pockets with wallet etc - you don't want to dig in pants pockets with the talon nails. The nails can be put on with the press on stickers or I used one small drop of super glue - just be aware what you'd need to do getting them off properly.
I even used some gell blood around my nail beds for more fun.

Go out...scare the poo out of people!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    if i saw that on the street i would run and scream... nice!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I had that reaction a few times ;)