Introduction: $30 Fiero Paint Job

I picked up this Fiero pretty cheap but it needed a windshield and plenty of bodywork. The A pillars were damaged from the tree that broke the windshield. After a couple of weeks and some fiberglass and Bondo I had it smooth but it needed some paint.

I had read many articles about roller paint jobs but it seemed like too much work to sand out the finish. I tried using Tractor Paint from the local tractor supply store and a cheap spray gun from Harborfreight. It turned out really well and the paint is pretty durable. I'm amazed at how well the International Harvester Red matched the factory color.

I decided to do a two tone job for $8 more for the quart of black paint. It came out great. Its not a clear coat finish so its easy to touch up any scratches. Just sand the entire surface with 220 or better before painting and with 800 after the first coat. The second coat may lay down flat enough to not need any sanding.

You do have to thin the paint but the gun comes with a viscosity tester to help you get it right. Just be sure to use the recommended thinner.

Not bad for $30 worth of Tractor Paint. This summer I want to repaint my Mustang and my wife’s Corsica. I did build a sequential taillight controller for the Fiero. I made another for my Mustang. I want to put one in my wife's Corsica too. Maybe that will be an instructable of its own.

My cars are all drivers no trailer queens here…..

I bought this car for $420 and spent another $200 for a windshield. So for $663 total investment I got a really fun car that turned heads and even was in the local newspaper.

The best advice I can give you is stop reading about it online and go try it.