Introduction: 30 Minute Soda Sundial

A easy compact sundial


-1 soda can

-A cutting tool such as an X-Acto knife (a pocket knife worked best for me) -Tape for covering rough edges -A sharpie for drawing -A clock to set the sundial

Step 1: Outlining

1. Draw a line from one point on the bottom straight up

2. Draw a line around the bottom

3. About halfway up the side draw another horizontal line

Step 2: Cutting

1. Cut along the lines, you should have two pieces the bottom and a strip of metal

2. Put tape on rough edges

3. Roll the strip up as tight as possible

Step 3: Marking and Attaching

1. Attach the rolled up sheet to the center of the base with tape

2. Bring your sundial and clock outside to an area that has NO shadows

3. Mark the sundial like a cloak with 12 dots evenly spaced number these 1 to 12

4. adjust the shadow of the sundial to match with whatever the current hour is

5. your sundial will now tell the current time for that location but if you move it follow step four again

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