Introduction: 30 Second Cold Beer

30 second and some ice and you have a nice cold beverage. I use to be on the road traveling a lot and after a hot day at the job site I would get into the hotel and grab some ice and 30 seconds later relaxing.

Step 1: Tools

Pliers and side cutters.

Step 2: All You Need

Coat hanger and a suction cup. I got the coat hanger from work and a package of 9 suction cups from the dollar store. Total price $1.00

Step 3: Prep

Remove plastic hook from suction cup. Cut hanger in 2 spots making equal lengths.

Step 4: Assemble

Thread the coat hanger in the hole of the suction cup and start twisting. I use pliers to hold the end and twist with my hand. Then I cut about 2 inches off. Careful it can be sharp.

Step 5: USE

Attach the coat hanger in the drill. Put the suction cup on the end of the Beer. And let it spin in the ice for 30 seconds. Drink Cold Beer :)

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