30 Second Hydroponic/Bubleponic System for Indoor Garden!!!

Introduction: 30 Second Hydroponic/Bubleponic System for Indoor Garden!!!

How to assemble bubbleponic/hydroponic assembly in 30 seconds!!!!Using a bucket,flower pot,Hydroton,recoil,pump,air stone,water!You can grow indoors.Whatever plant you choose.You can completely maintain an indoor garden no matter what season without soil.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I can barely understand you half the time and you didn't actually explain it, just kind of mentioned a few things. If you enunciated a bit better and actually explained what's going on (which would take just about the same amount of time) it could have been a decent 30 second instructional video. Instead of : "there's a little air stone, and there's there pump, and then we have our bucket. there you have it" Maybe: "this is a pot filled with water and an air stone fed by this air pump, when the planter pot is dropped in the bubbles will splash the roots with water and nutrients" You didn't mention the rock wool or expanded clay, the nutrients in the water, or even what kind of planter you used. I think next time if you explain more instead of just showing the parts you would have a good video.