30-second Mini Slingshot

Introduction: 30-second Mini Slingshot

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A very simple slingshot that is best used shooting people ;) (co-workers perhaps)

Step 1: Supplies

To make this, all you will need is: Scissors,An elastic (has to be fairly strong), A piece of scrap cardboard-like material (I used an empty pack of gum), A pencil, pen, etc. (optional)

Step 2:

Empty your pack of gum (or get an empty one from the start), and take that or whatever you decided to use. Now take the scissors and cut a rectangle out of it (size depends on the size of the elastic). Then punch two holes in the sides. You should have something like the picture.

Step 3:

Now take the elastic and push one end of it through one of the holes (you may need a pencil to get it through), then out the other hole. Pull both sides of the elastic so that it is tight against the back of the rectangle.

Step 4:

Put your fingers in the loops of the elastics, spread them in a V, put your projectile on the rectangle, and you have a slingshot!

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