Introduction: 30 Second Labcoat!

Need to do some painting/surgery but don't want to get your clothes all wrecked and you don't have a lab coat anywhere in sight? Well make one in 30 seconds using item probably with in a meter of your reach!

All pictures in this instructable feature my brother as the lab coat model. Yay.

Step 1: Get Materials

For the 30 second lab coat you'll need: 1 towel, 1 length of string (or anything that will fit around your waste), 1 big paper clip thingy (check pictures below for clarification).

Step 2: Towel!

Get a towel and pull two of the corners around your neck, almost like a bib.

Step 3: Pinch and Clip

Pinch the two corners together and clip with the paper clip thing.

Step 4: String

Tie something around your waist. I used a shoestring.

Step 5: Invite the Safety Inspector Over for Dinner.

There you go, lab coat in 30ish seconds. Top it off with a side of safety goggles, gloves, some ear plugs and even a bandanna (or respirator if your hardcore).