Introduction: 32 Channel Serial Servo Controller Interfacing

In many humanoid robots (or) quad pods, hex pod robots servo motors were used for different applications like walking, moving arms / elbows etc, so there is need for the controller to control the servos in a effective way and the user interface has to be highly sophisticated. The above board (32ch SSC) or the controller has been used for those kind of applications. So in this tutorial i'm going tell you about the operation and usage / interfacing of the board for different applications. (Note: You might find different versions of these kind of boards, version 3 boards specs were discussed below...)

if you find any difficulty while understanding this tutorial, please go through this link:

32CH ssc Specifications:

  • Weight: 25g
  • Size: 63*45mm
  • Working voltage: 5V
  • CPU voltage: 3.3V
  • Servo motor input voltage: 4.2-7.2V
  • CPU: 32 Bits - Baud rate (USB): 115200 - Baud rate (bluetooth, UART): 9600
  • Storage Flash capacity: 16M
  • Mode to choose: 4 types
  • Simultineous controlling servo number: 32 channel
  • Max action groups: 256 groups
  • Communication agreement: UART
  • PC software: support
  • Single machine operation: support
  • Support servo type: 9-55G(3.3-7.2V)
  • Online operation support: C51, Arduino, ARM, DSP, Bluetooth, WIFI, PC

Mode type: USB online operation, UART online operation(including bluetooth, WIFI), off-line independent operation, PS2 wireless remote control.

Please see this video: credits to this man

Step 1: Hardware Connections / Pinount of Version 1 or 2

Version 1 / 2 kind of board will have the pinout like in the shown in the picture 1.

The ps2 joystick will have the receiver like we shown in the picture 2

The ps2 joystick will have the receiver pinout like we shown in the picture 3

Now you got the idea on how to connect the ps2 receiver with servo controller board.

Step 2: Version 3 Board Connection

the connections were similar to that of version 1 board, for more details, please look at the previous step.

Step 3: Software-Part

Now, if every thing is ready connect the servos to the controller board, then down load the software from the link given. try to download latest version.

As, shown in the above picture, if you open the "software panel", In settings, you can find 17-dof, 19-dof options like that, choose accordingly.

now follow the steps

PS2-Controller settings:

click settings-->hardware--> Set the initial value of each servo motor start, then you can find different settings over there like low voltage alarm etc...

if you find the difficulty any where please go through this document.

Now that's it, now you can control any kind of servo through software.

Software Link: please go through this link:

Step 4: Making a 3d Printed Humanoid Robot

The picture will show you a basic kind of humanoid robot, such a cute thing isn't it.

These guys are really awesome... please go through this link

here, you can find lot of 3d printed models, this credit goes to them only.

For 3d printing files please click on the link below.......

Step 5: Making Humanoid Robot More Dof Type

for 3d modeling files, please go through the below link.