3.5” HDD Bracket for 5.25"Drive Bay

Introduction: 3.5” HDD Bracket for 5.25"Drive Bay

Most of us still have old CD/DVD-Roms which you already do not need, but you feel sorry to throw out

This instructable is how to give your old CD/DVD-Roms the second life.

Step 1: Disassemble CD/DVD-Rom

Unscrew the screws from the bottom and open the DVD.
to separate all the insides and leave only the box,

Insides you can leave for another project )))

Drill holes in the bottom, to connect HDD.

Step 2:

tighten the Hard drive

connect the lid and box back

Step 3:

Place the box in the computer case,

As you see it does not stick out of the case.

Connect the hard drive to the motherboard. Enjoy!

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    2 years ago

    Nice, I think if you were to use stand off or longer screws with some O-rings and some foam you could reduce unwanted noise.


    5 years ago

    Good idea, it may even be easy to make the HDD more silent by putting silencer (soft plastic) between HDD and "the frame"