Introduction: 35 Degrees Training Chair

実は最近ネットで便器に座る時のひざの角度によって、快適な便通が行われることが話題になっているのです。 気になるそのひざの角度とは、なんと35度なのです。



Whether it is sudden, everybody, I cannot be troubled by constipation
In fact, it becomes the topic recently that a comfortable bowel movement is performed by the angle of the knee when I sit down on a toilet stool in a net. An angle of the knee to be worried about is 35 degrees how. It is that angle to squat down on a Japanese style toilet stool. Farewell with constipation by this "35 degrees training chair" which can keep 35 degrees in now when a Japanese style toilet stool is reviewed unexpectedly, and are you not precocious?