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Introduction: 3.5 Mm Audio Adaptor

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3.5 mm to RCA and RCA to 3.5 mm Stereo Adaptor/Connector

This is a simple adaptor that i made to connect my HDTV audio to my 4.1 surround audio system , it's small, just around 1.5 inches


• Stereo Connectivity (Left and Right channels) Supported

• Connects audio from TV to amplifier that has a 3.5 mm cable input

• Connects your smartphone (headphone out) to audio amplifier that has RCA Audio input

• Connects smartphone audio (headphone out) to TV audio Input (RCA input socket on TV, used to connect audio from CD players/ Satellite recivers to TV's inbuilt amplifier) So you can hear music from your smart phone on TV speakers with volume controllable on TV remote control

Step 1: The Making

Use this ^ Circuit Diagram to wire

You need:

• A frame - like the one i used to attach the sockets on

• Drill - to make holes

• Sockets (pictures ^ with circuit diagram)

• Soldering Iron

• Cables to connect

Time and patience xD

Step 2:

See this image, you see the frame i used (the round thing only). the wood isn't part of this project, that's my upcoming project, An LED lamp with rotation capability, it's under construction.

This adaptor is easy to build, all you need is drill/bore 3 holes on the frame and attach the sockets on and use fasteners

The sockets usually come with fasteners, i used that fasteners to fasten sockets on the frame

Step 3: Notes

• The 3.5 mm Socket leads must be connected in right way. Left, GND, Right, if you wrongly connect the leads, the audio will sound just not right, you can use Internet to find out leads order.

• Same goes with RCA sockets,

• you can also use a multimeter to find out leads level

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    6 years ago

    wow that's a nice suggestion wazalac, i will definitely try that! just fastening the male jack on the frame may be a hard job.

    because I don't know if those male jacks come with that option in my local store. thanks for suggestion :)


    Reply 6 years ago

    i get it now :) that way it doesn't need extra 3.5 connection wire to connect from a output device to this adaptor,i guess,right? that would be handy! thinking about it, i will need that male jack though


    6 years ago on Introduction

    this is a good instructable!!!

    but if i may suggest, you can add a male 3.5mm jack so it can act as direct adapter to device/s...

    it can be like the fixed 3.5 socket or short-wired and make it's counterpart as it's sheath. ;)