Introduction: 35mm Film Wallet

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If you've ever tried to develop your own film and had something go terribly wrong, you know that feeling of waste. 
But since the thought of trashing my roll made me wince, and I've wanted a slimmer wallet lately....why not recycle that failure into something functional? 

(To take it a step further, check out the 35mm film bag by shesparticular).

Step 1: Materials

Ruined/unusable/unloved roll of 35mm film  (2)
Packing tape

Step 2: Snip Snip

Cut the film into 3 inch strips. If you want the wallet to have pockets, you will need around 18 strips (you may have to cut some in half to make 3 in). 
Tape these strips together in groups of three to form four 3 x 4 inch rectangles. 
Tape the remaining pieces together to form two 3 x 3 inch square pocket pieces. 

Step 3: Exterior

So now you have six pieces.  Take two of your 4 x 3 in. pieces and lay them on a 6 in. length of packing tape. Leave a little space in between them to form a hinge. Lay them with the outside of the wallet facing down. 
Fold up your bottom flap first. Then fold down the longer top flap. 

Step 4:

Repeat the previous step with your other two 4 x 3 in. pieces. 
Film tends to curl towards its emulsion side. Now is a good time to apply more layers of packing tape to flatten things down. 

Step 5: Congrats, You Have a Circle Now

Lay your pieces on top of each other, exteriors facing out. Use a piece of packing tape just a bit longer than the width of the wallet and tape those ends shut!

Step 6: Bottoms Together...

Again using tape a bit longer than the full length of the wallet, carefully tape the bottom edge of the wallet together. It may work better to have the wallet closed while doing this. Either way, packing tape will be a jerk. 

Step 7: Pocket Placement

Slap your 3x3 in. pieces onto the wallet body. I chose to put mine inside, which was a bit more tricky. Stick your tape on the pieces of film before putting them into the wallet.
If you like the easy way, put them on the outside. Leave one side open to insert cards, gum, lottery tickets, etc.    Grab your ID and slide it in to check the fit. 

Step 8:

Reinforce your pocket edges and your wallet's spine. Run your nails across work out the air bubbles, of course. 
And you're done!