Introduction: 3D Art Deco Card( With Homemade Stamps)

I always love to get cool cards from people,but they can be really expensive and I always like things homemade. So I decided to make my own 3-D card and DIY stamps. Here it is!

You will need:


Colored paper, two colors


Ink pad

Pencils(the more the merrier)

Rubber band

Scrap of paper

Step 1: Cutting Your Card

Let's get started! First take your 2 sheets of color paper and cut them the size you want your card it to be. Then cut one of your pieces A little bit smaller. Now we are ready to make the card 3-D.Cut a slit in your card then cut one more so you have a thin piece resembling fringe,cut 3 more so you card looks like the pictures above. Now take a second piece of paper and put some glue on it no need to be stingy here. Put the two cards together and make sure to pop the 3-D parts out. Now we are ready to move onto the next step!

Step 2: Stamping

We are about to start stamping. Get your ink pad, pencils, and rubber band first I will show you how to make polkadot stamps then I'll show you how to make flowers and paw prints. The pencils must have erasers, take a pencil and get the eraser in ink and put it on the card, congrats you have just made your first stamp. Next the flower you need 5 or 6 pencils with the erasers for this one arrange five of them into a flower shape if you are using six place one in the middle that dip them in ink and stamp if you are using 5 make all he flowers you want then take one pencil out and make a middle. Last but not least the paw print this can be done with 1, pencils take a pencil dip it in ink and stamp it on your card then dip it again and stamped three times about the first stamp. Keep experimenting with different patterns if you want.

Step 3: Message

Last step! Take your scrap of paper and cut 3 small shapes to put your message on, write what you want on them and take three pieces of tape bigger then your message shapes put them on your shapes. Take the shapes with tape and put them on the 3-D pop out parts of your card. You are done!I hoped you like making your card.

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