3D Business Card

Introduction: 3D Business Card

Hello People of Earth, today I am going to show you an easy project of how to make a 3D Business Card in a 3D Modeling Program. It will look something like this...

Step 1: Step 1: Put on That Text!

First you want to put down the text in a pattern that you like and make sure to make sure all the letters touch each other so when it 3D prints, it will be in one piece. I put mine like this:

Step 2: Step 2: Add a Base!

Next, you want to add a flat bottom to your 3D text so you can stand it on your desk. You do it like this:

Step 3: Now Your Done!

You can change this anyway you want to your desire. The last thing to do is 3D print! Then, get ready to have the other office workers envy you!

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