3D CAD Modeler, ABS Material Separation Fix

Introduction: 3D CAD Modeler, ABS Material Separation Fix

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So here is a neat trick that I found out about that I wanted to share.

Step 1: The Setup

  1. 100% Acetone, ie: nail polish
  2. ABS scrap, ie: raft or small pieces of ABS off the spool
  3. Disposable Gloves, tweezers, and plastic silverware (for application)
  4. Disposable container for making the slurry

Step 2: Make Slurry and Apply As Need

  1. Add Acetone and ABS together, and tip up your container to create a pool on one side of the dish. There is no formula here, just add some acetone lets say two tablespoons and add a couple of small pieces of ABS to fill up the pool of acetone.
  2. IT REALLY SMELLS, I recommend doing it outside with plenty of ventilation.
  3. After you get a consistency like a paste apply to cracks
  4. I have used blue tape to the back of the part and leveled the part
  5. Add slurry till it slightly overflows
  6. Allow to dry/set - time varies
  7. Use sand paper to smooth - Start with 100 grit and go 200 grit for nice finish
" I made it at TechShop"


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