Introduction: 3D Cactus Origami DIY

This could be a nice desk decoration or a gift idea for your friends & family.

It's easy and super cheap to make.


Colored paper, glue, scissors, wine corks, little wooden box, knife, air-dry modeling clay, acrylic paint, brushes.

Step 1: Buiding Cactus Body

To build a cactus body I used 3D origami triangular pieces.

From one A4 format sheet of paper, you can make 16 triangular pieces.

In this case, each level has 9 pieces and there are 8 levels. In total, I used 72 pieces to build this size cactus. So you will need 5 sheets of green paper.

Important: glue all the pieces together to make it secure.

Step 2: Folding Cactus Blossoms

I have tried a few different styles of flower origami to see which one works better with what I wanted to achieve.

Ended up with origami called Venus Kusudama.

Here you can find the instructions on how to fold this blossom.

Step 3: Creating a Pot

To create a pot I used a little wooden box without the top to have a shape.

Then I filled the inside with some cardboard and wine corks to have a base.

I covered all the box in modeling clay and formed the soil using some more wine corks.

I had no clear idea of how I will create this pot, so I was inventing it along the way. You can make this in many different ways.

Step 4: Painting the Pot

After all dried, I painted the pot using gold acrylic paint and glued everything together.

Tip: If your acrylic paint is too liquidy (just like mine) add some white glue to it and paint it as a base color. Later, paint a few layers on top without glue.

Step 5: The Final Result!

And here is the final result. Hope you like it and If you will make this, I definitely want to see yours.

Don't forget to watch the video to see the whole process.

Stay creative! ♥

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