Introduction: 3D Candy-picture

If you like candy and you want to see it whole day, this is ideal for you! Sorry for the real candy-lovers, it isn't eatable. In fact it is a picture of the a candy packaging. It seems you have trophies of all the candy you've already eaten :-)
Enjoy (your meal)!

Step 1: Materials

You need:
- a frame, you can choose the size, but how bigger the frame, how bigger the platform must be.
- strong cardboard, a box of breakfast cereals is good enough, this is for the platform. The size is as follows: it must be a little bit bigger than the hole in the frame. 
- your candy packaging (=your favorite candy), without the candy of course.
- fill material (e.g. cotton wool), this is to fill the candy packaging. You get the best results when it appears that the candy is still in its packaging. 
- cutting materials: a (cutter)knife or scissors.
- glue: second- or normal glue (sometimes second glue is better).
- a perforator, to make a hole in your painting to hang it on the wall.
- a pencil and a ruler

What you don't really need, but make your picture more beautiful:
- colored paper, in the color that best match with your packaging, this will be the color of your platform.
- extra information about your candy, so it seems like a real trophy.
- a gold or silver marker, to indicate you extra info.

Step 2: Fill

You get the best results when it appears that the candy is still in its packaging. So you must do two things:
- first: open the packaging not totally, but make sure that the contents might look in the packaging.
- second: fill the packaging, with the cotton wool for example, make sure the packaging has his original form. You can push the fill
  material into the packaging with a pencil.

So now you have the packaging!

Step 3: The Platform

If you don't want a colored platform you can skip this step. If you want color, do as follows.
- First you need to make the correct size of your platform and your paper. For the platform I already said: how bigger the hole in your  frame, how bigger your platform must be.
 Than the paper: take your platform (the one in the good size!), lay it on the paper and indicate the platform on the paper. Now you must cut the paper a little bit bigger than the platform, 2cm is good enough (see picture 1).  
- Now cut the corners (see picture 2). This is needed to fold the paper around the platform.
- Glue the paper and fold it around the platform (see picture 3 and 4). 

The platform is finished!

Step 4: The Frame

This step is simple: glue the platform on the back of the frame (see picture).

Step 5: Finishing

At last you must glue your packaging on the platform (sometimes second glue is better) and make a hole in the frame with the perforator. Now you can hang it on the wall and stare at it :-)

You can further finish with the extra information about your candy, so it seems like a real trophy. If you want a real finished picture you can also indicate the extra information with a gold or silver marker (see picture 2).

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have fun!