Introduction: 3D Christmas Wreath

I made a Christmas Wreath using Google Sketchup.

Step 1: Sketchup

Create a circle, then a circle inside of the first circle.

Then make a circle at the top and another one like you did the wreath.

This is to make a way to hold the ornament.

Rise it up and delete the middle circle so it looks like a wreath.

Begin making circles that overlap each other on the wreath.

Make sure they don't go off of the surface of the wreath.

Then once you have them all the way around (add text if you want at the top) then you need to come through and delete the lines that connect so all the circles become one surface.

Rise it up slightly.

I drew some leaves, using to add on top of the circles, but you can add any design you want on top.

Step 2: Export and Print

Export as a STL file to Makerbot 5th Generation Replicator.

Scale to fit 3 inches.

Use green PLA filament for the wreath, change filament to red for the decorative layer, and then change filament to green for the leaf layer.

Step 3:

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