Introduction: 3D Clown Pumpkin

Hey guys

Here is how to carve a 3D Clown Pumpkin or any Pumpkin in fact. This was my 1st ever 3D carve so its not the best but it was a massive learning curve.

Im really sorry but i didnt take photos of each step of the making so i will explain it the best i can.

But my best advice to you is to watch videos on the subject.

Step 1: Choose Your Pumpkin

To choose the best pumpkin for your 3D carve, find a pumpkin which is particularly heavy for its size. This dosnt mean it has to be a big pumpkin.

Look for an interesting pumpkin this could be shape, texture or colour. A squashed pumpkin can offer a thicker wall to aid your carving.

I went for a heavy pumpkin that gave me a wall about 2" thick.

Step 2: Carve Your Pumpkin

To carve your pumpkin you will need the following tools

Various Clay ribbon tools, Fruit knife, Scalpel, lino cutting tools, Brillo Pad, Rasp File Plane/Surform

1.Start by shaving the rind off your working face of your pumpkin using the larger Clay ribbon tool or a Rasp File Plane/Surform

2. Work out the size of the face marking the nose (you will not touch the nose area.

3. Using your large Clay Ribbon dig a horizontal 1" trench to act as your brow line.

4. Gouge out a triangle shape down from the middle of this trench this is your nose

5. Dig out either side a little these will be your eyes.

6. Your cheeks will now be obvious.

7. Keep working the face with your clay tools to create your face.

8. Im not going to lie watch videos on YouTube to help the process, anything by Ray Villafane will help.

9. Using what you have watched on YouTube carve the eyes.

10. When your happy use the Brillo Pad to smooth/sand the surface.

11.Spray with lemon juice and water to help preserve your creation.

Step 3: Paint If You Want To

If you want to paint your pumpkin, first let it dry. Then using acrylic paint and brushes paint your design how much paint you want to add its up to you... But i like to leave some of the pumpkin on show after all why cover all your hard work.

Step 4: Add Some Arms and Feet

If you want to add some vine arms and legs your best option is to buy from villafane studios, if like me you want to make your own this is how i did it.

1. Get your wire. I use welding rod but wire coat hangers would work just as well.

2. Making the arms get 5 equal bits of wire the length you want the arms join them together from about 5" down using electrical tape or a spot welder if you have one like me.

3. Bend out the 5 bits that haven't been joined these are your fingers trim to size with wire cutters/plier

4. Bulk out the armature with scrap material or newspaper, covered this in more electrical tape to keep it in place.

5. Bend the arm into the shape you require.

6. Cover the whole thing in paper mache, i like to use pva and water mix (half and half) Top tip add acrylic paint to your mix this will help you paint it. Use paper roll for a textured feel

7. When dry paint as required

For the legs repeat as above but rather than hands make feet shape.

Step 5: Add Props

If like me you have a theme you may wish to add props to your pumpkin.

Like me you may wish to make them, for my meat cleaver i cut out the shape on a laser cutter out of acrylic plastic and then painted it. But you could simply cut out of MDF or even cardboard.

The hat is a simple paper cone stuck on with glue.

You can find or buy your props like my helium balloon. You could add a wig or glasses etc.

Step 6: Stand Back and Admire

Now you have finished its time to stand back and admire your work and wait for the trick or treaters to comment on your creations.

Just remember take photos and create your own Instructable.

Happy Halloween Guys

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