Introduction: 3D Collage

Decorate your living room, making your own collage !

Step 1:

To make your 3D collage, you need :

- One paper napkin with a picture on it that you like ;
- Cardboard ; 
- Polystyrene ;
- Liquid glue (and brush) ;
- Craft knife ;

- Scissors.

Step 2:

Cut the paper napkin in 4 parts, so that you have 4 pieces with same drawing.

Step 3:

Keep the first part intact, and cut the 3 others, isolating a smaller part of the design each time. (For example, I keep the whole picture, then the pink square, then just the tree, then just the flowers.)

Step 4:

Cut a piece of cardboard to correspond to each piece of napkin.

Step 5:

Separate the layers of the paper napkin to keep only the finest layer.

Step 6:

Put glue on every piece of cardboard and put down the pieces of paper napkin which correspond.

Step 7:

Cut little pieces of polystyrene, and stick them on the back of the different pictures.

Step 8:

Stick the smallest picture on the second smallest picture, in the place which corresponds, where there is the same drawing. Do it again with the others, to have 4 layers.

Step 9:

You can hang it, rest it on a counter or frame it !