Introduction: 3D Glow-in-the-Dark Skull T-Shirt

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Are you ready for something to wear for Halloween night, while keeping yourself safe on those Trick-or-Treat trails? Then, here's the fashionable t-shirt project for you! This 3D Glow in the Dark Skull T-Shirt is an inspiration of a Duck Brand Duct Tape t-shirt project from Michaels, but this one uses 3D glow in the dark fabric paint! It only takes about less than 30 minutes to complete, and it will help you stand out more brighter than your average glow stick!

To show you what I mean, here's the link that bought me the inspiration behind this 3D take:

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you will need to make your glow-in-the-dark skull t-shirt

Step 2: Prep You Workspace

First, lay down some old newspaper and place your t-shirt on top. Now, slip in a piece of cardboard inside the shirt. This is to prevent inks and pigments from bleeding through the fabric.

Step 3: Add a Skull Head

Print out a template of a skull using this link:

Then, cut out the skull template and place on top of the shirt.

Then, use a black permanent marker to trace the template. This will act as your border guide when you start filling in with fabric paint.

Step 4: Paint In

Now, you can use you Natural and Green Glow fabric paints to fill in your skull. What I used is dimensional fabric paint, or you can use brush-on fabric paint if that sounds easier for you. Use Natural for the actual skull head, and Green Glow or any other glow-in-the-dark color to fill in the eyes, nose and teeth and even draw on some other features, like in my example, a brain to make it more 3D! Make it unique!

Step 5: Let Dry and Wear

Now, lay the shirt flat and let dry for a few hours. Once dry, it's ready to wear for Halloween night! All you have to do is put it on and step out into the night to make your skull glow!

Step 6:

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