Introduction: 3D Gold Star Greeting Card

Hi everybody! This is just a quick instructable about this cool greeting card I made and thought I'd share it with you seeing as we've come to that time of year again.

I took my inspiation from Giulia Art's Thanksgiving greeting card I saw here on instructables last month. Immediately I wanted to see if I could do a six sided version and later on I thought it would make for an interesting Seasons Greetings card. There's really only one part that's a tricky origami fold at step 6. But I'll try my best to explain it well.
Please note: my photographs don't always do the gold paper justice. It can pick up light and reflect a golden sheen a lot more than it seems here.

Step 1: Materials

2 White A4 sheets (1 to practice, 1 to make a hexagonal template)
Gold A4 sheet
Black C6 envelope
Black pen (to write on gold paper)
Gold pen (to write on black envelope)
Craft knife or scissors

I've gone with a gold and black color scheme but you could do it in whatever combination of colors you like. You could add more elements to the star to make it more personal.

Step 2: Make a Hexagon

The hexagon will be orientated like you see here in the first image to get the biggest one you can out of a sheet of paper. You can draw it out accurately with set squares. Draw it on a plain sheet of paper and you can cut it out and use it as a template for making lots of these 3d star cards. If you do take the set squares option you'll need to fold the hexagon in half in three ways like you see here in the third photo.
If you would prefer, you can fold it by hand to reveal the line where to cut off the extra paper. Click on the rest of the photos and I'll talk you through the process but this way is not so accurate.

As a matter of interest this would also be how you go about making a paper snowflake with a genuine six-fold radial symetry. Now you will never be able to look at an eight-fold radial symetry paper snowflake again without knowing, at the back of your mind, that it is a FAKE FLAKE!!!

Step 3: Fold Each Side of the Hexagon Into the Center. Fold Back Out

Step 4: Fold in the Corners. Fold Back Out

Step 5: Bing All Sides Into the Center With the Corners Sticking Up

Step 6: Tricky Part: Squash Down the Bits Standing Up

Click on the photos for more indepth explanations.

Step 7: Done!

That's it. Write your message on the back of the card and stick it in the envelope! Your family and friends will be so impressed!

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