3D Hologram Drawing on Ipad Screen 全息手绘part1

Introduction: 3D Hologram Drawing on Ipad Screen 全息手绘part1

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I invent the method of drawing 3D hologram pattern by hand on glass or other surface.

It can be applied on the Reflective surface or Transparent matiarial like glass 、screen 、mirror、metal surface.I name this process as 3d Hologram drawing or Light drawing.

This instructable will show you how to do it with an ipad.It is super eazy and cool.

3D Hologram effect:Changing the viewing position and light source position ,the image of reflection light or Transmitted light will change.

I recommend you to see my video for better understanding.




Step 1: What You Need 所需物品清单

a ipad or a cellphone

a lipsalve(lipestick)

a piece of paper towel

a conductive pen.
You can also use glass instead of the screen as canvas.
You can also use other things like a cigarrete head or Sponge pen head (without ink)instead of using conductive pen


Step 2: Clean the Screen 清洁屏幕

Spread lipsalve (lipstick) on the screen and use the paper towel to clean the screen.This make the screen more reflective.

Step 3: Drawing on the Screen 在屏幕上绘制图案

You can drawing anything as you like.
In this instructable I draw some Radial lines on the ipad with conductive pen for example.
And in this step I use the round fluorescent lamp as the light source.

Step 4: Light Show With Different Light Source不同光源下的创造光影秀

In this part you would better watch the video for better understanding .
Lock the scrren,you can see a changing circle reflection image as you move the ipad.
you can also use other light source like cellphone flashlight、lighter、candle.you can also change the color of flashlight by stick some colorful tape.It is very eazy.



Step 5: Hologram Drawing on Transparent Glass

You can also use this process on Transparent glass.


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