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Introduction: 3D Hologram Enlarged


A 3D hologram is a prism that is used to make an illution of a 3D image in the hologram. It is made using four trapezoids that are connected together and make a perfect box(being 90 degrees at each angle) at the shortest base. This can be made to any size and is a fun activity for kids if you use paper.

Step 1: Materials

*The measurements in the photo above are in Inches*
  • 2 Sheets of 31inx30in PlexiGlass ($36.00 usd)
  • Dry Erase Marker/ Eraser Kit($6.98 usd)
  • Ruler 36in.($2.97 usd)
  • Pencil Pack of 30($5.(7 usd)
  • Pack of paper($4.10 usd)

Optional Material:

  • Clear Duct Tape ($3.00 usd)
  • Clear Paper Pack of 100($17.00 usd)
  • Scissors($2.00 usd)
  • Safety Scissors Pack of 3($5.02 usd) For the kids!

Step 2: Measurements

1cm x 3.5cm x 6cm is the initial measurement that can be used for any 3D hologram prism. if you want to go larger than just fitting a phone screen you just multiple the measurements to be as large as you would like.

For example if you want to make your prisim three times as big as the measurements you multiple:

3*(1)(3.5)(6) all in cm.

My personal measurements are 9.0678cm(3.57in)x 31.75cm(12.5in)x 54.40cm(21.42in).

*Due to measurement errors my measurements should have been 3.57cmx12.49cmx21.42cm(1.41inx4.92inx8.43in)

This was a conversion mistake on my part i did not covert centimeters to inches correctly.

Step 3: Outline Your Prisim

Once you have your correct measurements. Use the dry erase marker to mark down your lines and any other measurements, keep in mind this will come off and is not a permanent way of marking your measurements but it is the easiest way if you make a mistake to easily erase and continue on.

Step 4: Cutting the Plexiglas

I used a band saw to cut the outline of my prism, i later used a router to cut closer to my lines. When using the band saw please use cation and i recommend using several release cuts.

*When using the router please remember that the Plexiglas will heat up but not melt so it is a cation to feel small burns on your arms from pieces of Plexiglas though these do not become permanent and I did not need any medical attention or treatment, the pain only lasted about 5-10 seconds.*

Step 5: Gluing or Taping

In this step i used a hot glue gun and four Plexiglas rods, for extra support, but you can also use duct tape or clear tape if you do not want to use hot glue and rods. The tricky part of this step is to keep the pieces secure while you glue or tape them. If you are using simpler materials for example clear paper this step should not be as tricky.

*Please use caution when handling a hot gun.*

Step 6: Project Timeline

I worked on this project five days a week at about 45 minute intervals up until the past week where I spent an hour and 15 minutes on this project because of the heavy duty cutting tools that i had to use to cut my material.

If you are using clear paper and tape this should only take about an hour and there are many hologram videos on YouTube that you can use on your phone or tablet to project the image onto your hologram.

This is a link to a 16 minute video of many hologram videos that can be used just place your hologram in the center of all the images and make sure that each trapezoid is facing an image in the video:

*Credit to VirusKriste on Youtube for the video*

Step 7: Improvements

There are many things i would improve in this project like my measuring error, the actual preciseness of my cutting and failing to keep the bases of my trapezoids squared off which made it rather difficult to glue together and hold in place while gluing.

Step 8: My Videos

This is a link to my setup and a short explaination on how to set up your hologram:

This is a link to what you should see into you hologram and what it would look like with a moving image in a dark room:

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