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Introduction: 3D Jack-O-Lantern Challenge

Make a spooky Jack-O-Lantern!!

I made this one with Blender.  There were so many options and variations.  Ultimately I want something that I can print out and that looks spooky as a 3D render.  A design that I can actually carve into a real pumpkin.  After about 2 days of spare time playing around this is the result.  I have yet to test it on a printer so if you have some experience and can give me feed back I'd love to hear it.  I have included some other photos about this project from the last 2 days.

Two screen shots of how I was going to add a face design to the pumpkin model.  To make the model I added a UV sphere to the scene and chopped off the top and right side to make it into a 1/4 sphere.   Then I added a mirror modifier to make it whole again.  I adjusted the longitude edges to make some ridges on the pumpkin.  I applied that modifier then added a cube around the pumpkin as a deform mesh dividing it once and pushing down the top and up on the bottom to give my model a pumpkin shape.

After I designed a couple of models I tried running them through the mesh tools in Blender to see if there were any errors and most of the face was in error.  I made an .STL file of this one to print and put it through Makerbot's MakerWare software but it needed support material to hold up the teeth.  Sounded kind of silly to me so I kept going.

I'm adding the .STL files for the top and bottom parts of the Angry Pumpkin model with the jagged eyes.  I'm not sure if it'll print but I'm willing to try.  My local Library just got a printer and I'm headed there this week to check it out. 

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