Introduction: 3D Laptop Sticker (Cheshire Cat)

Here is a small and simple article explaining how to make a "3D sticker" to stick to your laptop. It is a remix of the famous macbook decals (my favorites are this one and this one), but made with a 3D printer! The 3D shapes give something more to the design, and it looks really good. As an example, the nose of the Cheshire cat is a bit elevated compare to the rest of the face.


It's been a while that I wanted to use the glowing apple of my macbook with a funny design, and I wanted to make it myself. Now that I own a 3D printer, I decided that it was time, and I choose to try it with the Cheshire cat and make his eyes glow thanks to the apple.


For this project I have used Fusion 360 to design the piece (but you can download the file if you don't want to make a new design), a 3D printer to print it (if you don't have one you can still order on websites such as Shapeways) and double sided tape to stick it.

The steps:

  1. Designing
  2. Printing
  3. Sticking
  4. Glowing

Step 1: Designing

I have designed it with Fusion 360.

  1. First I choose the picture on the internet, and loaded it in Fusion 360 (click "Attached canvas").
  2. Then I created a new sketch on the picture, and made the silhouette of the cat's face with the tool "spline". I have also made the nose, the eyes and the teeth. Notice that I have changed the pupils so the cat looks at his right.
  3. Then I extruded the face (2mm), and the nose (4mm).
  4. And I've added fillets to the nose edges.
  5. I've loaded the apple, and I've scaled it to the same size of the one on my macbook.
  6. And to finish I have scaled the cat so the apple is completely hidden, and just the eyes are going to glow.

You can download the file here.

Step 2: Printing

I have printed it with black PLA, with 0.1mm resolution, 20% infill and 50mm/s speed.

Without raft nor support.

Step 3: Sticking

Now that the 3D sticker is ready, the last step is to stick it to the laptop.

  1. So I have used double sided tape and a pair of scissors to cut the tape.
  2. I've added few pieces of tape on the back side of the cat.
  3. Then I've stuck it on the apple!

Step 4: Glowing

It is finished! Now the Cheshire cat will keep a glowing eye on your laptop forever!

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