Introduction: 3D Model From Drone (UAV)

About: Hi everyone! We developing Sputnik Web service. Its can help you in surveying, 3d modeling and share georeferenced data.

Hi everyone! We’d like to present
new features of Sputnik Web ( - 3D Reconstruction.

This function allows user to create 3D models from aerial photos which captured by drone (UAV).

Step 1: Collect Photos

Here, we will use an isolated object as an example. This is the old tower which located at Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

For the best results, we recommend that user should fly on different levels like what has shown the picture. If your drone located in the top level, we recommend that you point the camera lens down. Textures are hidden in scene view if you point the camera lens up. We flew on two levels, so there was not enough textures.

Requirements for camera:

- Matrix 5-25 MPx

- ISO should be set to minimum values for avoiding noise

- Focal length 20-80 mm

- EXIF required or GPS geotags in smartphones.

Requirements for flying:

- Choose a point of interest and record it

- Fly up to a radius of 20-30 meters (depending on the model)

- Place the model so that it can cover most of the image

- Start to fly around and capture photos with 60-80% overlapping

Step 2: Start 3D Reconstruction

After that, please visit the Sputnik Web, and click on the “ 3D Reconstruction” button.

Create new reconstruction, input name, choose photos and go back to the main interface of 3D Reconstruction.

Step 3: 3D Reconstruction Main Interface

By and large, users can find our chosen photos on the List (left side of the page) and the photos are displayed in real captured place. Selected photos with the red color that which do not participate in the Reconstruction. If users click on the picture in the left list, users can see the actual photo.

The processing result control block is located at the top. Users can choose the processing results and speed of reconstruction, as well as, finding the detailed information by clicking the “GPIX RATES INFO. “

If you select Speed and Orthophoto and Elevation map cell the number of GPix will match 0.73.

In case Quality and Orthophoto, Elevation map and 3D model are selected, GPix will be equal to 2.9.

Please select the most efficient option for you!

Step 4: Waiting...

Almost done, now click on START RECONSTRUCTION and waiting results.

Step 5: Result!

Results you can check here

If you want to try for free, write to support on the service main page