3D Model Stand Toothbrush

Introduction: 3D Model Stand Toothbrush

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my 3D model toothbrush inspire desain modern decoration. this is simple model and easy to make it with 3D printer or you can create with acrilic(plexi glass) or you can create with recycle old casing printer, pc, dvd, etc.

Step 1: Create

i use this is size to make it.
for low budget you can use from old casing or acrilic
tools :

1.cutter (for cut plexi glass)
3.solder iron or lighter ( for fold)
4. saw

you can follow size on picture, and you can fold acrilic or old casing if you not use glue.

Step 2: Size Hold Toothbrush

this size for hold your tootbrush.

Step 3: Finish

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