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Introduction: 3D Net Characters

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This can be used as a lesson plan. Graphics in IT --> Year 8 students.

Overall Aim

To create a net for a 3D character that can be cut out, folded and stuck together. It should fit on a single sheet of A4 card and have the school logo and assembly instructions on it. You can choose from any of the following characters:

    Bertie Banana
    Captain Crunch
    Wheatie Woman
    Professor Pop-tart
    Super Sugarman

View the nets below in .pdf format.

Step 1: Design a Character

Decide on a character and sketch 4 designs using the ‘Design Ideas' sheet. Think about the shape and colours used and label these.
  • 3 designs with annotations.
  • 4 detailed designs with all possible details thought out.

Step 2: Choose a Net

Choose a net from the resources to best match your design and save this to your user area. Additional nets can be found here: http://www.readymech.com/

Step 3: Create Your File

Create a blank page on Fireworks the same size as an A4 page. Print screen the net into Fireworks and scale it.

Step 4: Creating Your Blank Net

Create a new layer and use the Vector Pen tool to trace around the net, you should be very specific with this. You should end up with a blank one. It should look like the one below.

Step 5: Apply Your Design

In Fireworks using the Vector and Bitmap tools, where appropriate, draw suitable designs on to your net. You will need to think about how it folds and any cuts you may want to include.

Step 6: Extras

Add in some additional items that would be useful for your character such as a hat or glasses as well as the school logo.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Remember to put in dotted lines where folding is required and assembly instructions. See what the final net should look like below:

Step 8: Evaluate

Write an evaluation on your project. Remembering to use examples, you should say:
  •     What skills and techniques you have used.
  •     If you have met the purpose of the project.
  •     If your project is suitable for your target audience.

Step 9: Make and Reflect!

Make your model and suggest one or more improvements you could make.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good. I dig that suit, but I imagine you have to be a little on the boxy side to really pull off the look.