Introduction: 3D Origami: Peacock

This origami peacock has a magnificent blend of five colors, which come together, to make a beautiful and intricate peacock. This project is complex, so experience with 3D Origami makes the process easier. This is because of the number of modules you need to make, a whopping 2,600.


Papers of 5 colors:

27 papers of one color (A)

18 papers of another color (B)

15 papers of another color (C)

15 papers of another color (D)

7 papers of the last color (E)

Hot Glue

School Glue

Step 1: Make Your 3D Origami Modules

You're going to need to make about 2,600 3D Origami Modules:

854 of color A (Blue)

572 of color B (Purple)

480 of color C (Orange)

451 of color D (Yellow)

216 of color E (Green)

Step 2: Making the Beginning of the Body

This is the base of the body of the peacock. You are going to need 50 of your "A" modules

Step 3: Continuing the Main Body

Continue to make the main body of your peacock. You are going to need your "A" color.

Step 4: Finishing the Main Body

Finish the main body by continuing the same pattern 12 times, with your "A" color.

Step 5: Making the Neck

Make your neck using your "B" and "A" color

Step 6: Making the Head

The Head is a smaller version of your body, except it includes a blend of yellow.

Step 7: Making the Feathers

Step 8: Making the Crown

Make the Crown of the Peacock, by using a blend of all colors.

Step 9: Gluing It All Together

Use glue, preferably hot glue, to glue the feathers, head, and body together.

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