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Introduction: 3D Origami Swan

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This origami swan is for you all. You will never deny a beautiful paper swan sitting on your study table or on your dining table. I saw a metallic swan at the market but I dont want to buy it cause it was too big, almost triple of this one so I decided to make one of mine own. But now there was another question standing by me that "HOW I WILL MAKE IT?" but the next day luckily i found up a book in my closet which was about origami at that time only i decided to make the swan through origami bits. After so many calculations and hardwork I've made ma' own swan.
HOPE YOU LIKE IT....................

Step 1: Materials

The things which will be used to make the swan are
1) Scissors
2) 9 sheets of A4 sized paper
3) A black marker
4) A orange colored crayon
now lets get started.......

Step 2: The Origami Bits

First we will make the water drops of this river thats the paper bits....
A lot of people must know how to make it but this step is for those who dont know how to make one.
First of all you have to gather 9 A4 sheets
Now you have to cut each sheet into 32 rectangular peices from which we will make the bits.
Take one sheet from all and divide it horizontally into four pieces and then divide it vertically into 8 pieces using a marker and then put this paper on top of the pile and start cutting it with scissors.
After cutting you will get 288 rectangles from which we will use 270 to make the swan.

Step 3: The Origami Bits (2)

In this step you will learn how to convert those rectangular paper pieces into origami bits...
just make them as shown in the images.

Step 4: The Lower Body (Base Level)

To make the lower body connect the pieces together as shown in the images. We will be gonna making it up in levels so the base level will be the combination of level 1 and 2.
To make the base level you will need 60 bits. After you will join all of them it will take a shape of a circle.


Step 5: The Lower Body (Level 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th)

Now to make the levels 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th you will need 120 bits (30 bits for each level)
To build up the levels you will need to take one-one leg of 2 paper bits from the below level and poke them into the pockets of another bit as shown in the images.
Make all the levels like this only.
(NOTE--After the 3rd level turn the model upside down and after that start putting pieces for the 4th level.)

(NOTE--I dont have the pic of the 6th level.. so sorry about that.)

Step 6: The Wings

To make the wings you will need 58 bits (29 for each wing).
Start by putting 9 bits for the base of one wing and the on top of it put 8 bits, then 7 bits, then 4 bits and then 1 last bit as the tip of the wing.
For the other wing do the same thing on the opposite of this wing.

Step 7: The Cute Tail

For the tail you will need 6 bits.
Put 3 at the bottom 2 above them and 1 at the last.

Step 8: The Chest

To make the chest you will need 10 bits 4 at the bottom, 3 above them, on top of it 2 bits and one at the last.
The last one will carry the whole neck of the swan.

Step 9: The Neck

To make the neck you will need to connect 18 pieces together as shown in the image.

Step 10: The Beak

Take one rectangle and color it orange and make a bit out of it this will be the beak. You can also use colored paper instead of coloring white paper. For the details you can make an eye on the bit which is just before the beak.

Step 11: USES

This swan can also be used as the center piece for any table or it can be used as a candle holder (if you put a candle at the middle of the swan). And there must be many uses in your minds for this swan so please show me your swans.......

Step 12: Thankings

Thank you for seeing this instructable if you like it please vote it from the link given at the top-right of the webpage for the Papercraft Contest
And if you have any problems or questions related to the swan you can ask me in the comments section...........

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Thank u


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thank u


7 years ago on Introduction

This is great! I've always loved origami, and if you make something big out of something small, it's all the better!