Introduction: 3D PUZZLE : RED EAGLE

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Hi Makers,

If you have a 3D Printer, You can built this eagle. You, your child or someone will like it .


Step 1: What Is 3D Puzzle ?

Unlike traditional puzzles which are composed of series of flat pieces that when put together, create a single unified image, the Puzz 3D series of puzzles are composed on plastic foam, with part of an image graphed on a stiff paper facade glued to the underlying foam piece and cut to match the piece's dimensions.

Step 2: Pieces

We designed a 3D Puzzle. And we called it " RED EAGLE ".

This design has 56 pieces. You can see in pics. There is no need detaily.

Step 3: Let's Make a Puzzle

We will start with wings...

Step 4: WINGS

Our eagle has a big wings. You will see in pics.

Step 5: LEGS

and next legs.

Step 6: BODY

and now assembling body and tail

Step 7: Assembling Body and Legs

we are going next step...

Step 8: Last Details...

and now you are finished... Cong.

Step 9: FINALY

Thanks for Patience...

Have Fun....

Step 10: Files

You can download below files for your 3d Printer.