Introduction: 3D Pen Tree Lantern

Learn how to make a Tree Lantern with a 3D Pen and battery candle.

Are you looking for a cool way to brighten up a room or to add decoration? This craft is so easy and tons of fun to make. You can make it with a friend, or a family member. This is an awesome present to give to a friend for a birthday or just as a gift in general. If you work in an office this is the perfect decoration to use to brighten up your work area. Let's get started!

Light Up Your Life

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

  • 3D pen
  • Small battery candle
  • Ruler (any standard ruler with centimeters and inches)
  • Black, green, and neon yellow 3d pen refill rods (3Doodler brand) OR colors of your choice that meet your decor needs.
  • Non-Plastic Workspace (Recommendation: Flat piece of wood)
  • Scissors (In-case you overmeasure)

Step 2: Make the Trunk

Make the frame of a 2x3 inch Rectangle on your work space with the 3d pen. Then fill it in going diagonal and across the frame attaching it to the other side. Go across the frame multiple times until it looks full. It shouldn’t be completely full. Leave small spaces for the light to get through.This will make the trunk of the tree. Make four of these and then connect them together.

Glueing Pieces Together: To connect them together use the 3D pen like glue. Put some of the plastic where you want it to go and sick the other piece on it. Make sure you do it fast so it will stick. The plastic drys pretty quickly. Use the same instructions for glueing anything.

Step 3: Make Big Leaves

For the leaves of the tree, make a line with the green colored rod at the bottom. The bottom should be 2 inches long and 1 ½ inches tall. Once you make the bottom line, go upward and out in a diagonal line and make cloud like lines over the top part. Once you have made the outline, fill the frame in similar to the base of the tree. Don’t fill it in completely. Leave small spaces just like the base of the tree. Make 4 of these

Step 4: Make Smaller Leaves

Once you have made 4 of the bigger leaves it’s time to move to the smaller ones. This time you want to make the base the same length (2 inches) but make the height 1 inch. You are also going to be using the neon yellow colored rods. For the smaller leaves you also make 4 and follow the same instructions as the bigger ones just using a different color and different height.

Step 5: Assemble

Now you should have your assembled base, 4 small neon yellow leaves, and 4 big green leaves. Now you need to start piecing everything together. First, you need to attach the big green leaves. When doing this you want to glue the flat bottom part of the leaf 1 centimeter down from the top of the assembled base. Repeat this same step 4 times connecting the 4 pieces to the base. Next, you need to assemble the small neon yellow leaves. When doing this part you have to attach them a little bit lower than the top of the base on the side like the big green ones. They should be on the inside of the big green leaves. Once you have attached all four of them in that sequence you have your small deco tree completed!

Step 6: Summary

One thing anyone should pay attention to while making this is that the plastic drys very quickly so when glueing it may take a while. Another thing you should know is where to get the 3D pen. I got mine as a gift along with the rods but I believe they do sell them online and at crafting stores like Michael's, Pat Catan's, etc.

Enjoy and Brighten up your Life in Style.

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