3D Pencil Drawings: How to Make 3D Drop Highlighted Footprints



Introduction: 3D Pencil Drawings: How to Make 3D Drop Highlighted Footprints

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If you are a newbie to the world of 3D Pencil Art &Pencil Sketching, then finding the correct 3D Drawing and Pencil Sketching Tutorial is very crucial. Learn how to make 3D Drop Highlighted Footprints with step by step complete tutorials with instructions.3D Drawing and pencil sketching easy designs for beginners should be user-friendly and completely innovative when it comes to creating something new.

You can hone your pencil sketching skills and learn 3D pencil Drawing for developing as a hobby, and create wonderful sketching. Pencil sketching frames for wall decor ideas as a part of your home decorations add a charismatic appeal to your living room. take up a fun DIY Pencil sketching Art Projectand have fun!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies!

Pencil sketching is not just about pencil and papers! To bring in a realistic appeal to your 3D Pencil drawing of footprints you need a list of the following things:



Acrylic white color

HB Pencil

Black Color Pencil

Drawing board

Drawing sheet

Step 2: Let Us Begin!

To start making the 3D realistic water drop footprints, make an outline of the pair of footprints.

Give a proper real-like shape to the toes and heels of the footprint.

Keep in mind the spacing between the feet.

Step 3: Start Your Shading!

Begin shading the toes of one foot.

Start to give a highlight towards the curve of the heel and smudge the pencil wherever needed to give a blurred effect.

You can opt for HB or even 2HB graded pencils to achieve a life-like realistic looking pair of pencil shaded footprint.

Step 4: ​Color It Up!

Make use of a tiny drop of white acrylic color and add detailing of highlights.

Use black color pencil for added effects.

Watch thecomplete tutorial on 3D waterdrop footprints to learn about details.

Step 5: 3D Water Drop Footprints Are Ready!

Learning how to make 3D water drop footprints with the help of a step by step tutorialis a very easy thing to do. Making interesting DIY Art and Craft project is a fun activity to stir up your imagination and create something beautiful that can be used as a fantastic home decoration idea as well as develops your hobbies. Every 3D drawing and pencil sketch has a creative charm about it and looks beautiful is given a realistic touch. So get your drawing supplies and learn how to make 3D Drawing Art to flaunt your creativity skills.

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