Introduction: 3D Perler/Hama Bead Minecraft Ocelot!

It's been almost a year since the last perler instructable I've made, and since Minecon is just around the corner, I thought that I would make another one. I decided to make a ocelot this time, one of the most elusive mobs in minecraft. So far, I haven't found any other DIY on these, so now you can make these yourself for the first time! Make sure to post a picture of your own perler creations! If you liked this instructable, make sure to check out my other 3D Minecraft perler bead rabbit:

Step 1: Making the Head & Fluff

As usual, you are free to use what ever textures you want to use, but for this tutorial, I am using the wild ocelot skin. Keep in mind though that none of the beads that I am using are going to be exact, but far from it. If you want an exact texture, don't rely on me. First we will use the pattern below to make the different tiles for the face. Fuse the beads into place, then get a hot glue gun to fix the tiles into place. Glue the two ears on top on the middle left and right sides of the head. Don't touch the white fluff tile yet.

Step 2: Create the Legs and Tail

Next, we put the beads into the pattern below and fuse it together. Glue two of the leg pieces together to make thick legs, then glue small tail peice silightly angled higher than long peice, to make the ocelot's curved tail. Leave the pieces off to the side for later.

Step 3: Making the Body

The pattern of the body is very important to get right, or you may have to restart the whole thing. Carefully copy the patterns above, then fuse them together. No hot glue is needed for the building of the body, just build it together like Legos.

Step 4: Assembling the Pieces

Now you have all of the pieces, now it's time to build it together! Start out with glueing the back of the head onto the front of the body, then glue the legs onto the bottom of the body. Then comes the hard part... The tail. It isn't too terribly difficult, but make sure you do it right. Tilt the tail on the back slightly enough so it is hovering above the ground, and glue it on there. Then you are set after gluing the fluff tile just underneath the head.

Step 5: Your Finished!

Now you are a proud owner of a minecraft Perler bead ocelot! Show it off to your friends, or give it to a sibling. Thanks for using my instructable, and if you liked this one, make sure to check out my minecraft Perler bead rabbit as well! If I can get some extra support on this instructable, I will make another tutorial for the WITHER BOSS, as it is my favorite mob in minecraft.