Introduction: 3D Photography

Ever wanted to take your own 3D pictures, (like the ones from the old comic books)? Now you can. With some free software, red/blue 3D glasses, (or the polarized kind), and a camera, you too can make your own 3D pictures!

Step 1: Step One: Gather Items


Software (FREE!!)
Camera (any digital camera will do fine)
Red/Blue 3D Glasses (chances are you have a pair already)

Optional (But highly recommended)

Measuring Tape

Step 2: Step Two: Capture Your Image(s)

3D photography is really a composition of 2 images. Youll be taking two SEPARATE images, one for view the left eye views, and a second for the right eyes view.

Step 3: Step Three: Overlay the 2 Images

Using the software, upload your LEFT and RIGHT images onto the program. Select the appropriate colors: (Red/Cyan) for regular red/blue 3D glasses. Then click "Make 3D image".

When youre happy with your picture, save and youre done! Now you can print, email, whatever you want.

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