Introduction: 3D Print Bracelet

About: Graduate of a DNSEP option Design obtained in the School of Fine Arts of Le Mans, the new technologies are at the heart of my works and researches, in particular the 3D printing

You want an original bracelet, one than nobody had.

This bracelet can be realised with a 3D Printer and some cloth.

With this bracelet, you're sure to have something unique on your wrist.

Step 1: Find the Good Cloth

First, you must choose the right fabric for your bracelet.

For this you should choose a fairly elastic cloth, Polyamide for example, this is what I used for mine.

It is easy to find and it's not very expensive.

Step 2: Draw the Shape of the Bracelet

This step will define the final shape of your bracelet.

First of all, take the measurement of your wrist and add 2 cm, it will be the minimum length for your drawing, you are not limited in width only by yourself and the size you want for your bracelet.

Then your drawing must comply with certain rules, it may be composed of a single form, but it must be closed. Otherwise, you can perform several forms next to each other but do not leave too much space between them or your bracelet will tighten on itself.

When your drawing is finished, it will then prepare it for printing, this step need 3D design software. For this, if this is not already the case, model your design in the software, then perform an offset your drawing inwards to about 3mm, add 1mm if it is large (over 3cm wide), remove 1mm if it is small (less than 1cm wide). Finally, add a thickness of 2mm and your design is ready.

Step 3: Print the Draw on the Cloth

You must then prepare and export your file as for any other impression, there needs no special settings.

Take then your cloth, reach it to it's maximum on the tray of your printer, use tongs to it does not move.

Then start printing , plastic should come and stick to the cloth, if it don't try again, this time the print head closer of the 3D printer bed.

Step 4: Cut the Excess Cloth Around the Draw

When the print is finish, take off the cloth of the bed.

At that time it must have shrunk over himself and you can perceive your bracelet.

We must now clean it all by cutting the excess fabric around your draw to keep only a band that will come to wrap around your wrist.

Step 5: Here the Bracelet at the End

Step 6: More ...

Depending on the size you choose, or the cuts you make, you can get more results and get a necklace , a ring, a belt, etc ..