Introduction: 3D Print Mobile Stand

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Hello friends, Here i am are going to make a mobile phone stand using 3D printer

Required Materials:

  • Vernier calipers.
  • 3D printer or 3D printing service
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) software capable of saving .stl files. I am using antimony for Design
  • mobile phone (to take measurements)

Step 1: Take Measurement of Your Mobile Phone

To begin you must measure the width and hight of your mobile phone. Write these values down. I am using an

Asus ZenFone5.The phone measures 7.5 cm wide by 13.5cm hight . I take dimension for my CAD design width

7.5 cm(same width of phone) and hight 4.5cm


Step 2: Make a 3d Design of Phone Stand in Antimony

Make a 3d design of phone stand in antimony using the measurements we take and export file in to ".stl" format

Step 3: Open 3d Design of Phone Stand in Cura

cura ( cura is a innovative software makes 3D printing so easy.), now check all the measurements

Step 4: Print the Design

Now Print the design